Figure 1: A brief explanation of the social credit system. Cc: visualcapitalist


In 2014, China first announced its plan for an integrated social credit system. Unlike finance credit systems commonly seen in developed countries, China aims to integrate multiple aspects in its social credit system that is ‘aimed to regulate people’s behavior’ as part of the ‘data-driven efficient ruling’ plan by president Xi.⁶ According to Xinhua News, up to June 2019, more than 26 million people have been banned from purchasing airplane tickets due to discredit.¹


Basic information:

Name: Chengcheng Ding

Pronouns: He/him/his

Hometown: Beijing, China

Currently attending Bucknell University pursuing a Bachelor’s degree majoring in Computer Science & Engineering and minoring Mathematics.

Interests & hobbies

Novel player of guitar and trumpet (like actually novel)

Video game ‘veteran’ (RPG and RogueLike)

Green photographer who cannot afford a good camera.

Sci-fi novel lover/ potential writer (Favorites: Philip.K.Dick, Douglas Adams)


Things I want to witness in my lifetime:

Controlled Nuclear Fusion

Colonies out of ourSolar System

Cyber Sleeves and Cyborgs

Chengcheng Ding


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